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Learning to fly is an adventure. It takes time and practice, but it is extremely rewarding. We’re here to help you get started. We love the hobby, provide free flight instruction, and are more then happy to help you get started.

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How Much Does Cost?

You can get started flying RC helicopters for under $200 with a micro helicopter—a helicopter with 300mm blades and smaller. Larger helis can cost upwards of $1,000. Using a micro helicopter to learn all your orientations along with basic turns, rolls, and flips is a fun and great way to start out in the hobby before moving to a larger size machine. However, there is nothing wrong starting with a larger helicopter, as long as you do it safely.

What Do I Need?

To get flying, you'll need at a minimum a helicopter, a transmitter, and a battery & charger. We also strongly recommend a simulator. Smaller helicopters will often come pre-built, with all components. Larger helicoptes come as a kit and will need to be assembled and the components are usually purchased separately.

Generally, the larger the model, the more quickly you will progress. Keep in mind though that larger models also have higher costs associated with them. Get a helicopter that you can afford to maintain and that you can enjoy to fly without being overly fearful of crashing.

How Do I keep Progressing?

Love It

This is a hobby. It should be fun. You’ll go a lot further in the hobby if you are truly passionate about it and really take the time to just enjoy it.

Practice Consistently

Practice on the simulator and in real life consistently. You’ll go a long way with just 30 minutes a day. Plus flying is a good way start off a morning or to unwind at the end of a busy day!

Fly With Others

Other pilots will give you invaluable tips and tricks that helped them in their learning process. They'll support you and help make the catching on to the hobby easier and more enjoyable.

Questions? We’re Happy to Answer them.